On June 8-11, 2017 at the Earlham School of Religion in Richmond, Indiana, The Quaker History Roundtable will bring together scholars and others with expertise on the forces that shaped (& reshaped & misshaped) Quakerism in the USA during the 20th century.  It will feature presentations that offer overviews, portraits of key Quakers, analysis of important groups and movements, controversies and conflicts, and provocative perspectives on the carryover from this intensely active period into our present situation.

Participants will accompany their presentations with prepared papers, intended for publication in a post-colloquium book. We also plan to use streaming technology to broaden the event’s reach and audience.

Format: The colloquium is sponsored by the journal, Quaker Theology (which began just in time, in 1999), and will gather on Thursday afternoon, June 8, 2017, at the Earlham School of Religion,  in Richmond, Indiana. It will open with initial overview efforts, followed by a series of panels Friday and Saturday.

In addition to prepared presentations, feedback and discussion will be encouraged.

As part of the closing session on Sunday June 11, participants will contribute to an agenda for continued work on 20th century Quakerism. We hope this and the Roundtable itself will help jumpstart work on better understanding and constructive use of the experience of 20th century American Quakerism, by Friends and others. (A detailed schedule will be forthcoming as the list of Roundtable presentations takes shape.)

Followup: A book of papers will be produced after the conference; principal papers will also be posted on appropriate websites. We hope to have a video internet stream.


How YOU may participate: Others interested in the overall topic may sit in on the sessions. There is no charge for visitors, except if they wish to join at the meals, which will be charged at the rates set by the Earlham College Food Service. (Exact meal prices have not been set as of mid-March 2017, but are estimated to total about $30 for three meals.) Visitors wishing to attend more than one day’s sessions need to make their own lodging arrangements.

Planning to visit? Have other questions? Please let us know at:  contact@nullnewquakerhistory.net